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The DUII Victim impact Panel
will be held on the last Monday of every month unless it is a holiday.      
Panels will start promptly at 7:00 pm.       
Welcome to the Linn County Victim Impact Panel website. This site has been developed to answer your questions about the LCVIP.



The Linn County Victim Impact Panel exists to educate people convicted of DUII or other related offences how tragic impaired driving may be. After conviction, a Judge imposes a jail term, a fine, or gives the individual conditions to be followed. One of the conditions given is that the individual be required to attend the DUII Victim Impact Panel.


The panel consists of members of our community who have experienced loss due to a DUII. This includes severe injury or the loss of a loved one. Each speaker gives a 15-20 min. presentation of how an impaired driver has impacted their life and the lives of their families. Law enforcement officers, as well as a trauma nurse, are also speakers on the panel. Their presentations graphically displays the consequences of poor decision making.


The panel lasts for two hours.


There is a $50.00 entry fee that funds the panel. The excess fees are generally used to provide grants to local police agencies in Linn County for equipment to help monitor our streets and keep them safe. Last year the LCVIP was able to purchase video equipment for police vehicles.

If you are in need of an interpreter, contact Amy at (541) 967-3836, at least ONE WEEK prior to the scheduled panel you want to attend. 


If you have been ordered to attend the Linn County Victim Impact Panel please explore the links above for information on how to attend.


The Linn County Victim Impact Panel meets the last Monday of each month, unless otherwise noted. Sign-in starts at 6:30 PM with the panel starting at 7 PM. Late arrivals will not be admitted. During the winter it is the attendees responsibility to check the website to see if the panel has been canceled.


(*= date moved one week ahead due to holiday)


Remember, the fee is $50 paid in cash, money orders, or cashiers check, NO personal checks will be accepted.

Panel Dates for 2024

April 29

May 20*

June 24

July 29

August 26

September 30

October 28

November 25

December 30

Linn County Victim Impact panel

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