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Panel Rules

In order to receive credit for attendance, the following rules must be followed. Failure to abide by the panel rules will result in ejection from the event and your referring agency will be notified that you were non-compliant.


- No use of drugs, alcohol or other intoxicating or illegal substances is permitted. Attendees must be sober for 24 hours prior to the panel

-No hats, wear shoes, socks, and a shirt. Shirts must not be offensive to others

-No food or drink. No smoking.

-Attendees must be respectful. Disrespect of any kind to presenters or panel members will not be tolerated.

- Attendees must bring photo ID. No one will be admitted without photo ID.

- No children under the age of 16, unless referred to attend by the Juvenile Department.

- Attendees must attend entire panel in order to get credit for attendance. Once you leave the room you may not return.

- If absent, do not call or leave a message for LCVIP. Defendant is to inform their probation officer or referral source.

-No refunds once admitted or if rules are violated.


The Panel is held in the Old Armory Building 104 SW 4th St. Albany OR, in the George Miller Room. You must use the enterance on Lyons Street.


Remember, the fee is $50 paid in cash, money orders, or cashiers check, no personal checks will be accepted.



Linn County Victim Impact panel

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